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510 Resistor Help Needed (truck Temp Console)

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Hi everyone:


I lurk often but haven't posted much...


I thought I would post this in hope that someone may be able to help me. I have a Tacoma truck and my temp/compass read out deal stopped working. I got on a Tacoma forum and found a fix (or so I thought). Apparently the 510 resistors (top photo on right side) have a tendency to lift off the board. The fix was simply to solder it back down which I did (bottom resistor on right side) or at least tried to do..


Put it all back together and it worked. Problem was that after a week or so it stopped. I took it down and apart and messed with the solder edge and it worked again, but only for about 4-5 days.......


Now I cant get it to work again. I even hit the other 3 edges with solder to be sure they were making a connection. No good.


I hooked up the power and pressed on the resistors and they got hot quick... but the display did not come on...


How would I know if one of the resistors is bad?


Why would it work for a week and then stop?


Can I replace them?


Can/would one of you high tech guys trouble shoot it or fix it for me?


Thanks for any help..







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My Honda crv does the same thing, tried to reflow the solder on all 3 resistors too, mine comes on after about 25 mins of driving lol or if I bang on dash lol

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measure the ohms of the resistors if you know your colour code you need meter to do it and it could be a cold solder joint that make them get hot give me the colur and I tell you the ohms of resistors the last ring is the tolerance if it has one if not there no tolerance

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