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Let's Talk Pistols

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That pt111 is a heck of a deal. My daughter wants a PP pistol, but she wants me to buy it for her. Only thing is shes less than a mile from the NY boarder and dating a guy in NY. Have to be real careful there. Where shes living there's a lot of Heroin an bath salt's going on.

PSA's deal on the Ruger LCP .380 is pretty sweet, but for some reason, I think I need another .22.



Yep, I havent shot mine yet but a buddy bought one from Academy for 259.00 with the FDE colored frame and we shot it a coup[le weekends ago. Small paper plate at 10 yards didnt stand a chance, we passed it back and forth and of 50 rounds we shot maybe 2 or 3 were not in the plate. Its a sweet little shooter for a CWP gun.

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I have a 22-250 from way back when I hunted ground hogs I've been thinkin about trading or selling off to finance another pistol or a Ruger 10-22.

It's a Mauser action that somebody put a 26" bull barrel on it, I put a Leupold 10X on it, haven't shot it 20 yrs.

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