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Jonnie Wilson

Led Array Position

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I am trying to figure out how to fit a DXG125, a JTS led array, sound and array board, Bigfoot control board and a pipe through for security into a box.

How critical is the array position to the camera? I have been trying a couple of combinations but aren't sure if the array must be directly above the camera like a normal flash.

Can anyone advise me if either of the combos below would be ok? LED array will be white light.

Thanks JW



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I have mounted the array below and above the camera and it has not made a lot of difference. Only thought is that if you mount the board sideways where it fits best you have only 4 led wide array and normal mounting it is 6 LED array. The light may not spread as far with it mounted sideways and only 4 wide so it may not cover the area you would like. When experimenting with arrays I usually build one and test it at night with the camera so that I know what it is going to be like before mounting or deciding on a mounting in a case.

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