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Bull Elk

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Well, I brought all of my trailcams in back in November and decided to take a break. Last week I got an email from a neighbor telling me she had 19 bull elk coming down to her winter wheat field. This field is about two miles from my house, so I went over to check things out. The bulls were coming down out of the timber right at dark to the fields. Then at first light, they head back up into the timber to bed down for the day. Wednesday, I packed two trace mineral blocks up a ridge the bulls travel down to get to the fields down below. I found their trail and followed them and found two good spots to start mineral licks. I have never had cameras in this area before, and I am excited about this location. When Buddy and I packed up the mineral blocks, we found a cougar kill a few weeks old, and we also found 12 piles of cougar scat along the trail up. I had to pack those blocks about a half a mile, uphill all the way.

Friday, I finally had my batteries charged, so we took up cameras to make the new sets. Saturday morning at first light, there were eight bulls heading back up to the timber on the same trail where I made my sets. Those bulls were about 150 yards below my sets and headed straight for them. I park my truck on a county road where I hike up to these sets. At the top of this ridge just below the timber, I followed the elk tracks down into a draw on the backside of the ridge. I didn't want these sets to be visible from the county road below. This is all private property and it is posted, but we have problems with trespassers during shed hunting season, and these bulls will start dropping their antlers in about three weeks. Friday, I left my locks for the cameras back down in my truck, so tomorrow morning I am taking my locks up to secure the cameras. Friday I took 25 pounds of garbanzo beans up to the sets in my backpack. Tomorrow, I will take more beans and some alfalfa to the sets. I should have pictures already because those bulls this morning were headed right toward my sets. I am also going to take some lures to attract cougars. That lure does not bother the elk. When I start getting pics, I will post them in the proper forum.

My neighbor sent me this pic of the bulls in an email when she first told me about them. Only 17 of the bulls can be seen in this pic. The pic was take by a cell phone, and the bulls were at least a half a mile away. I cropped and edited that picture.



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