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S600 Equivalent

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It’s been quite some time since I built a camera last ones I built I used all Sony cameras the p32, 42 and s600.

I have been looking for an s600 on eBay but they are quite scarce these days what new cameras are you guys using that compare to the 600 and if you have a link to the hack I would be grateful


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Camera Review:


From the review:

The best feature for the VG-160 is its ability to perform well with flash photos. I was very surprised with the overall quality of images when using the small, yet powerful, built-in flash unit. Images are pretty sharp when shot with the flash. You may notice some dark areas at the edges of your flash photos, but versus other cameras in this price range, the VG-160 performs well above average when it comes to flash photos.


It's still in the testing phase.


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I haven't done a lot with the 290 but I think I prefer the w100. There's nothing wrong with the 290 but I think the w100 will give you more flash and a better average picture. To get those nice pictures from the 290 you have to lower the iso which darkens the pictures.

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