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Saw This On Tv The Other Night

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Some very cool security stuff going on. Some general rules I have found over the years. Wireless quality really stinks especially at night, I am certain the quality isn't as clear as showed. Motion sensing is wonderful, but not for alerting you, you will be alerted probably a 100 times a day, at night an insect flying will set it off. Your smart phone will constantly be buzzing. I have and 8 camera system and had to turn my notification off, it was going off constantly, I am able to create an area about the size of a dollar bill for the motion sensing area and it is so sensitive that bugs will set it off, and at night that is all the time. Mine will mark the hard drive when it senses something and what you end up looking for is an event that marks the hard drive about 5 or more times in a row. I use the remote viewing a lot especially when on vacation and in the winter I can monitor the temp of the house and know if I have a furnace problem.


With that being said, I want to encourage everyone to get some type of system and preferably a wired system, ours has paid off and we don't even live in that bad of an area. Look for good old UPS systems on Craigslist and plug your system into it for power outages, etc.

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