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Sold: 2 Rcdavis Slave Controllers And 1 Viv 2600

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I have for sale 2 prototype test RCDavis Slave controllers and 1 Viv 2600 slave. Its either a 2600 or 2800 but pretty sure its a 2600. Flash assembly wires were cut removing it from the build and will have to be reconnected. These were the very first boards Ralph made and I was a part of the test team for them. One of the boards is new unused. The other board and the flash were in a build. These boards have not had the 10K resistors put in them to let the slave run an extra 30 minutes each end of the day. They can be had from Ralph very cheap. I also have the original instructions for these boards I will send along. These must be two flash as I was using them with P32's.


I am asking $35 for the lot. Shipped to your door in the lower 48 only please.


Info on them, they are the bottom one.:

RCDavis slave board info




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