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8 Sided Octagon Shaped Hunting Blind

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Visibility won't be an issue with 8 windows plus a pair of 3 inch round plexi-glass covered windows cut in the rear wall. Each sliding window is made of two pieces of 1/4 inch thick glass and both slide in a dual plastic track with the two pieces meeting and overlapping in the center.

The interior measures 5ft X 5ft in each direction and the center post is just shy of 6ft from the floor giving plenty of room for comfort. The floor is carpeted and each window has it's own adjustable hinged shutter controlled by a section of parachute cord threaded thru the wall and tied off on the inside of the blind. This feature not only comes in handy during the rising/setting sun periods of the day but the shutters may be completely closed and latched when not in use.

I constructed the blind in two halves for easier transport/handling purposes, once the base of the blind is put in place the top section will be added then both halves will be bolted together using several 5 inch X 1/2 inch lag bolts to hold everything in place.

The exterior is TI-11 house siding from Menards that was covered with 7 yards of waterproof rubber backed 500 denier cordura nylon camo material purchased on ebay.









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That right there is slick ! I have built a many of hunting blinds but haven't built when like this YET !

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Wow, that's really neat. Excellent craftsmanship. You need a name for that blind now!

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