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Fishing Light

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Plan on making my own fishing light using these LED modules. Will probably use four sets of 10 modules attached around a piece of PVC or ?? installed inside the box.



Install in a clear Otterbox 3500:



Will use a waterproof cable glands to connect the 12vdc power cord:



I'll Goop some weights on the outside of the box so it will sink.



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The idea is that bait fish will be attracted to the light-Is that correct? What kind of fish?

The light is supposed to attract Plankton. A Green light is supposed to be better for this. Bait Fish are attracted by the Plankton and the Predator fish come after the Bait Fish.


In my area Crappie, White Bass and Catfish.



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Looks neat. cant figure if that is one array or the whole 10 pack pictured ?

The picture is of a whole pack of 10 LED modules. There are 3 LEDs in each module.



You can also buy a string of LEDs and wrap around a PVC pipe as this guy did:

Several other videos on You Tube. If I did this I would use clear PVC pipe so you could use PVC cement to glue it together plus it would last a lot longer and won't crack.

Clear PVC



LED Light String



Waterproof Cable Gland: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FHO2DW...FIHALEZAKNGJUMA


I think I could build four lights using the PVC pipe method for about $25.00 to $30.00 each.




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