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Monsterbuck Poached From My Area

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I have mostly kept this a secret since I found this picture on one of my SSS/P41 setups last Nov 15th.

I have no other pictures of this buck so I figured he was doing a lot of roaming around the countryside

this time of year. I hunted as hard as I could with my limited time off without laying eyes on him. I had showed

the picture to a few close friends after the season was over and all were amazed. About March 1st Iowa has the

yearly Iowa Deer Classic, and one of those friends called me saying that that the mount was hanging on

the wall at the Classic in Des Moines, right now. 2nd in state in the archery nontypical class. Scored 212 3/8"

I realize there probably were alot larger deer that year that didn't make it to the Classic for one reason or another,

but in my eye's it was still #2 in the state.


This friend has the sheds from the year before, and we knew most of the people hunting in this area. he questioned

whether this deer was taken legally as the guy was working in the area on a bridge crew about that time, but didn't

live anywhere closeby. He alerted the DNR that day and the county DNR officer began an investigation. Everything I

am about to say came directly from the officers mouth to me. None of this is made up. The officer confiscated the mount

about two weeks after the initial allegations. He checked the offenders phone and I believe found two different sets of

harvested deer pictures. He didn't go into anymore detail there, although I think that had a lot to do with the case.


On the court date the offender showed up with about 5 charges against him, and took a plea bargain, although he never

admitted to shooting the deer. My DNR officer was hoping it would go to trial as he said he had enough evidence for a

conviction. I'm assuming from pictures left on his phone. Iowa has a way of figuring a fine for trophy deer that are poached,

according to the total number of inches. The officer said this was a $20,000 to $30,000 deer. But for some stupid reason,

the prosecuting attorney and judge thought that $5000 was almost too much of a fine. So he got some community service time, a

$5000 fine and did NOT lose his hunting license. He now has 4 points against his license. Takes 5 to suspend. DNR officer said

he had no proof but was almost certain he shot it with a rifle.


So in my eyes this scumbag thief of a poacher killed something that he DID NOT DESERVE, and got off pretty easy. But at

least he doesn't have the mount. So for now, the deer mount travels around with the Iowa DNR to the state fair, the Iowa

Deer Classic, and currently being used in a school hunting exhibit in a neighboring county. I still have yet to lay my eyes

on it, but that will have to wait until next spring.


Us ethical hunters spend so much time with trailcameras and doing all we can to help our local herd, and some dumba**

has to go and change all of that with their selfless greed.






Now it's the property of the Iowa DNR, on it's wall of shame, with a red evidence tag on the rack.



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What a scumbag!!! They should have given him the stiffest penalty allowable by law and taken away his hunting license. Of course, even a non-licensed POACHER will still do what they do anyway but at least he would have been hit with the maximum fine and jail time to boot. It is stupid people like this guy that gives honest, law abiding hunters a bad name.

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Be cool if you could send. A copy,of,the trail cam picture to the dnr to go with the deer ! Maybe if your buddy and you could have the sheds and reproduce a mount of the deer for yourself . What a giant of a deer most will never see !

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On the plus side, the friend that runs the facebook page "Midwest trail camera pictures" said he got a message from a North American Whitetail Magazine editor commenting on the deer. When he told him he there was a heck of a story behind that deer the editor said they had to talk sometime.


So maybe one of my pictures will end up in North American Whitetail sometime. Just not quite the way I had it planned. Maybe I can throw a plug in there for homebrew trailcameras. Even though these days we really don't have much of an advantage anymore.


But more than likely. it will take time, and maybe not even happen. But who knows.

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