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Alteration Of Bohning Attachment For Kwickee Kwiver Bracket

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Recently some of us were discussing the availability of the male attachment used to put Kwikee Kwiver brackets on game cams on the Member's Store Front and Bargain Corner Forum. After some original issues with customer service I finally got some ordered and found the older lever lock version I had been familiar with, had been replaced with a sort of plastic spring lock on the new ones. I got one adapted today and just thought I'd post, mainly cuz us retired folks sometimes just have nothing else to do :).


Pretty basic, just mill, or cut off (hello Dremel) the little wings so it can be attached flush to the case, then I chose to cut a little notch in the male part where the spring snaps down rather than try to mill off the length of the little dovetail. Doesn't quite go all the way down like this, but it will suffice I think. Pics below.


post-4396-1444679501_thumb.jpg post-4396-1444679520_thumb.jpg

Original and a male part with the little wings cut off for easy, strong attachment with Goop//screws/both.


post-4396-1444679532_thumb.jpg post-4396-1444679545_thumb.jpg

Where I cut the little notch for the spring clip to snap into. In the last photo, just one more mm to go and the spring will snap into the notch.

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