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2015 Blackflash Revisited

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Jim, how many LEDs does the array have that you use? Can you post up a picture of the array, I couldn't find a picture on your website.


Motion blur is definitely something to be concerned with. Blur is no good, period. In my experience with general photography, matching up aperature and shutter speed is key. Blur is a product of slow shutter speed, as image capture is trying to gather as much light as possible. The more light the better, faster shutter, no blur...


I've never used a dxg 125, so I can't elaborate on the cam settings in this topic.

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Anyone else have any thoughts or experience in regard to driving and or pulsing "blackflash" LEDs? I did some more reading about LED flashes and it is very intriguing to me. I just don't have the electrical knowledge or background to build something up. I like Rick's thinking with the LED array with the microcontroller input to "make the LEDs do what we want".


I was reading this article. Thought it was interesting to share. Credit goes to the individual here:



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I like the design of his flash circuit. It may have a lot of potential. Difference he was doing was that it looks like a single pulse which is great if you know when the camera is going to go off. We need to turn it on for a few seconds during the picture taking process. You could easily start with this circuit and start pulsing it from a picaxe chip. Current is nice but really unless you are going to do something with that data it is useless.


Here is the code I was using from the picaxe to flash my driver board:


symbol LEDpin=1



setfreq m8

Low 0

Low 2

Low LEDpin

low 4




high LEDpin

Pause 1

Low LEDpin

pause 19

goto main



You can play with the pause timing for off and on to see what works best for the LEDs you are using. Taking them to failure and you will know what they can handle.

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