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New Ssii Build P41

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I have a previous build very similar to this, but here is the new build right off the bench.


Sony P41 converted to infrared

670 mm IR flash filter

Snapshot Sniper II control board with HPWA

5 wire servo

Double D's external power

PEX pipe thru

Ultimate Camo dipped Otterbox 3000

Custom Joe's cam mount

On/off toggle power switch


This is the type of build you can set in the back 40 and forget it. I'll be deploying this in the next day or two on some new property we just closed on. Need to get an inventory of how many bucks made it through gun season. If it gets snowed in, I don't have to worry about it running outta juice!







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Here is the SSII, I did a little custom programming to adjust the shutter delay so I took a pic while I was pulling the 08M2 chip.




Went to a 1.35 second shutter delay.


Gary (ghoot) did a great job on this board, mounting the the HPWA is so easy. Even a caveman can do it!

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Really nice Paul.....be sure to post pics when you pull the cam.

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