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Battery Capacity Vs. Useful Life

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How long will my battery last???

2500maH Cell Capacity

This battery can supply 2500ma for one hour. That's 2.5 amps for one hour.


These cells are designed for High Discharge currents!! If a dead short happens they will dump very high currents in a hurry!! :fear2: Be aware and watch when connecting them in a circuit!!


If using a High Current capacity cell at the same capacity of 2500maH it still will only supply 2.5 amps for one hour but has the capability of delivery higher amps for shorter periods without damage.



Sony P41 power consumption is 1.3 watts during shooting with the LCD on, as per the Sony P41 Operating manual (Page 115). Using Ohms law that works out to 433 milliamps. 3 volts at 1.3 watts of power.

Now my 2500maH battery will last 5.7 hours (2500/433) in a P41 during normal shooting with the LCD on. Now this is at a constant current draw of 433 milliamps. We use it with the LCD off and the current draw is not continuous. If in the Trail Mode the 2500maH battery power consumption is infrequent depending on the traffic.


If my calculations are incorrect let me know.


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