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Jonnie Wilson

Will This Work?

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One thing I don't like with my DXG125 builds is that once the control board has gone through the walk test, there is no way of knowing if the camera is recording/working. You just walk away leaving it on a tree for a few months hoping for the best. At least with my sony cameras I can see the lens move or hold my hand over the camera to activate the flash, so I know they are working when I walk away.

If I got a small maybe 3mm led and wired it into the shutter wires from the camera and mounted it into the bottom of the case, I could check to see if it's on indicating whether the camera is on or not.

Would it be ok to join it into the shutter wires or is there somewhere else I could hook it up?

Most of my builds are daytime only so the light in the bottom of the case would only be seen by looking underneath.

Any ideas? Thank you.

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