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Calling It Quits Sale

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i have not been building in awhile but kept holding on to this stuff telling myself someday i would get back into it, well i dont see it happening lol. here is what i have, would like to sell it as a package deal but if i have to start piecing it out will have to add more on for shipping costs. here is a list of what i am selling


1- DXG125 kit with black infrared, has a shutter inside to do ir and day with a H bridge and AIO board. (125 is hacked)

1-unhacked DXG125 (no battery)

1- s40 Fast hack with AIO board

3-AIO boards

1-503 kit with AIO board and slave flash

1-remote slave flash


everything has been just sitting in my building room, i powered on all cameras and slave flash and they all powered up. if someone buys everything as a package i will go through and see what other building stuff i might find and add it in free but not sure how much stuff i have to add. asking $200 shipped









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