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Help On Baby Slave Alternative By Rick Gray

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Geez.....sometimes these things seem to come in bunches. The latest issue is a baby slave issue. Mine failed and I got a new one from Johnnydeerhunter, but the board is too large with an integrated flash to fit my build. When I built it I used an alternative flash which Rick Gray had hacked. It is more like a normal flash with the board, cap, and strobe separate. I even showed it here. The deal is, that though I know I got the flash off eBay and the hack from Rick somewhere, I have searched till I am blue in the face and cannot find any info on the hack now. He referred to it in post 9 of this thread. I know he posted about the hack as I used it! Dang I feel pretty dense.


That flash is not available, but I got the current Holga and just want a start on the hack to see it it will work. I have searched for days and had no luck, if it rings a bell with anyone, I'd be grateful for a heads up.



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On that baby slave that I sent you you can pop the flash tube and reflector out of it and extend the wires if that helps you.

Thanks, good idea. The flash tube is so much smaller I might have to work with it some, but a good alternative I think.

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