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Well, Thought I'd try something out of the norm since I had a dozen of these in a box. Grabbed the oldest, ugliest and most worn out cam of the lot (although functioned perfectly) and hacked it.


Took about 25 minutes from start to finish, tools used were a dremel with cutoff wheel and an exacto small razor knife, cheaters with headband double magnifiers.....


It worked and the cam functions perfectly, was really surprised considering the power/shutter block looks like it has double legs inside so the ribbon contacts both edges of each track, not to sure but thats what it looked like.


Anyway, here are some pics.


Hacked using the "Scrape" method



Difficult to get the solder laid but it worked.




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That's how I did it, no SA here so...

I had some but just wanted to see how or if it would work ok.

Seems every time I hack a p32, the cam never functions with the power button, assuming because of the S.A..

So I tried it this way and the cam works with the buttons and the hack wires so will probably be doing it this way more often..

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When using the SA, turn it backward and put the right finger of the shutter assembly right against the right side of the brown block. Slide it down in, bend it down over the camera board making sure it stays straigt and it will line up and everything will work.

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