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Ssi Board Issue

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This build worked perfectly last year. Went to check everything out before deploying the camera.


issue: constant blinking red led every 2 seconds


Things I have tried and verified.


1. Put new 9v in and tested to where the wires hooked to the board. it has 9.65v to the board.

2. Checked the voltage regulator. 5.06v constant dropping to 5.05v when the led lights.

3. Unhooked the camera from the board. Nothing changed.

4. Reflowed the solder points on the back of the PIR.

5. Reprogrammed the picaxe chip.

6. Did a quick look and saw no corrosion.


It has a toggle switch in line between the 9V holder and the board. I can undo that and hook the wires together. And try a new 9V holder. Other then that anyone have any ideas?

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Probably nothing to do with it but know Gary (or someone but think Gary has it on his site) had posted needed to do this to use an external on/off. Possibly reflow here if haven't (is it possible that this might be a problem??)?? Also know you said quick look and no corrosion but still scrub it lightly with denatured alcohol?



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speed2spare, Send me your address and I'll send you a voltage regulator to see if that's it.

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