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Help With Old Slave Flashes & Boards

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I have some old slave flash parts that I'd like to use on an A503 build if at all possible. I'm trying to find some info on them to see if they will work and how to wire them up. I have 2 of everything, they were in working D380 builds. Can anyone help me out?











These came from "bowarrow" here, here's all the info he could give me:


"The slave flash is a vivitar 2000 slave. You can tell the board number by looking at the front of the board. The 2000 had a variety of boards in their flash assy's so each flash could have a different board model number.

The slave board is probably a board I got from a member years ago who no longer makes them. His name was JonJon I do believe. If there isn't a name on either side of the board then it isn't a bigfoot or RCDavis board.

Sorry but that's all I can remember."












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Try looking here. http://www.diytrailcams.com/?forum=236392 You'll have to scroll thru the hacks to find the right one. A lot of the slave hacks are here. The 2000 does have like 4-5 different versions so make sure to match it first. Believe it is the 31057-13 board. http://www.diytrailcams.com/post/pivot-hea...?pid=1278797626 or http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=32105 . The large yellow 3.3 ufd capacitor isn't needed.

No idea on the control board.

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