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I bought a few used builds/cameras p32 with HH1 boards in them, the issue I'm having is that the board is taking to long to turn the camera on. I have it set-up on a trail and even when I walk bye it doesn't take the picture quick enough.

Unless I stop or go very slow.

Any suggestions?

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First need to check the correct fresnel placement... if they are the ones that were complete then they should be ok. That lense does have a narrow detection range though. Below are cut and pasted from HH1 operating instructions.


The fresnel lens is in the right orientation and centered. The fresnel lens is

designed to be installed with the groove side of the lens facing the IR sensor

and the lens centered over the IR sensor. Double check alignment of the

fresnel lens to the IR sensor.


Here's the suggested camera settings for optimal picture speed.


Suggested Camera Settings:

Sony DCS-P32 / P52 / P41:


(Double Check Camera Settings When Deploying Trail Camera) *SEE NOTES BELOW

Date / Time (On), Red Eye (Off), AF Illuminator (Off), Power Save (Off), Beep (Off), Focus

(Infinity), ISO (400), Picture Quality (Standard), Flash Level (High), Leave the camera on Program

Setting, LCD Screen (off).


*Camera’s LCD screen is returned to default if camera is disconnected from the HH1

Complete Board for 2 hours or longer.

*Camera’s LCD screen is returned to default if the HH1 Complete Board is powered off

for more then 2 hours or longer.

*Double check camera settings when deploying trail camera and return camera to off

position after checking.


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Yes they do shut off.

Also , they are the two that where completed... I haven't completed the other two yet.

Thanks for the reply!

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I always try to set most my cameras at an angle towards the trail to get better detection. If you want a wider detection range, the only option would be to change the fresnel lens. The ones included are the only ones I've ever used in my homebrews.

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