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Bq24650 5a Mppt Solar Panel Charger Updated 1/30

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This charger board appears to be the most versatile one I have found. It's the one I have chosen to begin my testing with when I get home in March.



User Manual



Video Test


Integrated Circuit (IC) Manufactures Information



On Ebay (Many distributors)



I chose it for it's ability to charge Lithium Ion, LiFePO4 cells, and Lead Acid Batteries. Just set the charge voltage, charge current, etc. for whatever battery you are using.


I'll post my findings and results.



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Henrick Jensen has agreed to do a technical review on this charger for us. I will order it when I get home in early March and have it shipped directly to him. I plan on waiting for the review before I test one at home. I've asked him to specifically address the charger's performance when charging Lithium Ion and LiFePO4 cells. He will also show how to connect it for charging.



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