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Solar Panel Filter Capacitor

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As you can see in the attached link the Solar Charger has a large electrolytic filter capacitor connected across the Solar Panel inputs (DCIN). It's value is 4700mfd at 10 volts for a 6 volt Solar Panel. The 10 volt rating would be fine for a 5 volt panel as well. For a 12 volt panel I would use a 20 volt rated capacitor depending on the no load output of the panel being used.



The filter capacitor addition would be a good thing to use to help stabilize the voltage from the panel. Pretty easy to do as well. Don't forget the diode to prevent the capacitor from draining back into the panel. If you choose to try this let us all know how it worked out for you.


Don't forget this is an Electrolytic capacitor so Polarity matters!!


I think a lot of thought and care has gone into the design of this board.



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