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Hire Someone To Do Camera Mods?

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Hi all,


Hope this is OK to post here!


I'm a biologist working on a couple different tundra nesting bird and sea duck breeding ecology projects on the North Slope of Alaska (here is link to a fun story we captured last year with cameras: https://www.fws.gov/refuge/arctic/eideregg.html). We primarily use cameras to examine nesting behavior and predation to better understand the limiting factors for these critters for species management purposes. I got interested in hacking cameras about a decade ago when I was trying to come up trail camera options for my own personal hunting needs. Over the years I've tried various options for our field research and settled on time-lapse systems for monitoring larger birds (waterfowl, loons, geese, gulls) and triggered cameras for shorebirds and passerine nests. But most of the commercial options require some simple manipulations to the cameras to get them to work for our needs. I was hoping to do these myself, but time is quickly slipping away this season. So I'm wondering if there is anyone out there that might be interested in changing out lenses, focusing them, and adding external battery packs to about 50 combined cameras? The mods are pretty simple and I'd expect that they could be done by someone knowledgeable in ~ 30 minutes, maybe less. If anyone is interested please message me and we can go over more details/costs.


Thanks much!!

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Welcome bluebill. Sounds like an interesting ecology project. Could you provide a little more info on the cameras you have that need modification? Do you have all the mod parts for the 50 cameras?

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