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      The Church mass shooting that happened today, was Peggy Wardens Church. She was one of the people killed today and her grandson was shot in the arm and is in surgery. Lets keep her in our thoughts and prayers. I made a topic in the "Cabin" I will keep everyone updated as I get information.
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2 Camera Issues

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I have 2 camera's that aren't acting correctly.   

First - S600 with a Yeti board.   The red light keeps flashing 5x and will not quit.  The initial start up works fine but when it goes into walk off mode it only flashes non stop. 

Second - S600 with a AIO board.  The camera just fires away uncontrollably.  It will shut down if I turn off the board but once it goes through the initial start up all it does is takes pictures.  

Any help is greatly appreciated.





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The second one sounds like you need a new board battery. Often when the battery powering the board weaken sufficiently it will trigger continuously until the camera's card is full or those batteries die.

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They yeti board could be the battery holder if it's one of those switched 9v holders. They are notorious for causing problems when they go bad. The second could be the board batteries like Woody mentioned or maybe the sensitivity is turned up too high.

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