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Jonnie Wilson

PIR Test Program

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A while ago i was trying to get a custom program for bigfoot control boards. TCscout wrote some programs for me and as a test so we could see if motion was getting detected, he left the led blink even once the walktest had ended. That gave us a definite way to visually see that motion was being detected.  Then once we were happy that the program was working and motion was being detected as we wanted, the led blink was removed from the program once walktest was complete.

So I've been wondering if ghoot or JDH might be able to come up with a similar PIR test program for the SS1 and SS11 boards? It is an easy visual test to eliminate detection problems.

I believe it would be a few dollars well spent to have a test chip on hand to remove any doubt that the board is working as it should. 

Anyone else interested in a motion detection test chip?


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To add this to any of the programs, right below these lines:

IF MotionSensorInputPin=1 Then


Paste this:


High LEDpin
Pause 1000
Low LEDpin


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Great, thanks. I'll give it a go when i get home next week.
Might never need to use it but if i retrieve any cams that don't seem to be working properly this test should determine if it's a board or camera issue.

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