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Bear baiting pics 09-06-2017

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This years hunt was a great one Five tags two got there first bears the first evening and the second evening another hunter took his first bear  The fourth hunter caught the shoulder blade with the arrow  and I had one come in twice at 25 feet and ate in front of the blind  before swiping bait and run off never giving me a broadside shot always facing straight at me  he did not come back  a third time . the next night it came within sight ten times but by the time it got to the bait it was to dark to shoot still had a couple minutes left but 1/2 hour after sundown its dark in the woods. Hunted the last two days alone . Had the three legged sow come in every night That makes five years at our baits.  also a ear tagged bear that hit one bait Aug 29 and another bait 6 miles away on Aug 31 . I counted about 30 different bears on our ten baits. No sows with cubs ,only three yearlings, about as many dry sows as Boars and some nice bear but no monsters.
This is just before the shot on this bear
same bear different camera
Not just sows on this bait
One wolf came in once
The tagged bear
This is a second before the shot
This is the pic after he shot the biggest bear that we got 200 lb feilddressed It went thirty five yards he gutted it out and the came took a pic of him picking up the arrow at 8:00 at 8:13 another dry sow came in for 45 minutes then the sow with ear tags came in until 9:53 it ran off and at 9:55 they came back in to drag out the bear

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