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Unbelievable, how things change

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Well, I wanted to stop in and share a bit and was shocked to see the news of Chris and Peggys passing. May peace be with them and prayers to the family.

 I haven't been on in quite some time and unfortunately mostly for the same reasons.

If John (badgerbuckhunter) is still running the site, just want to say wow John,  it looks great in here and I like the new theme and nav...

I stopped in to share that unfortunately, I as well have been bitten by the cancer bug and was diagnosed in 2016 and have spent the last 18 months trying to beat and recover from this wretched disease. Unfortunately I had to endure 2 extensive surgeries along with 6 months of chemo doing 52 hours of chemo every other week, The last surgery being the worst of the two with 8 hours on the table after I was emergency transported to UCSF. It has left me with perm nerve damage to the right side, leg and hip along with severe nuerapathy in both hands and feet so walking is difficult and doing anything with my hands is like fumbling with marbles with mitts on.

The cancer is stage III TN2A colon cancer, they said it looks like I have had it at least 10 yrs., I had a tumor in the colon the size of an apple so I had immediate surgery to remove it the first of sept 16, Thought I was out of the woods and went back to work in november 16 but the pain I had had previously was back again and worse, A new CT showed another tumor outside the colon attached to the hip and other organs in my right side. During the surgery, the Doc had to lift the femoral nerve off of my hip to be able to scrape the pelvis so that is what caused perm damage to my right leg. They removed a lot of stuff including all but a few inches of my upper colon, scraped the rib cage and had to remove and repair the intestines in 3 places. They cut me from the belly button to my spine on the right hip,  had 2 drain tubes and squeeze bulb to remove fluids for 6 months, it is finally healing up from the surgery this last july.

The good and the bad, The bad news first, It looks like the damage to the right side and leg will be permanent, which I can live with and am happy to do so, I also have what they refer to as chemo brain and for whatever reason short term memory is trashed and I guess it is caused by the type of chemo I was on (foux or fox something). although I do ok with most everything by not thinking and just doing, if I try to think on what Im doing, I just cant remember... That chemo just about killed me, had to have two different blood transfusions from internal bleeding and ended up losing 93 pounds total when they shipped me to surgery at UCSF.

The good news is I'm still alive and just had my 90 day CT and blood work done and everything came back clean so the cancer is remissed. They gave me an outcome of 35 to 40% chance to live 5 yrs, I'm already 1-1/2 yrs into that and am on the mend and feeling pretty good. I have finally put some weight back on, got down to 151 lbs and am now back to 175 (was 244 at diagnosis) so am happy to see it and so are my doctors.

Since my fingers dont work so good, it just took me over an hour to get this typed lol so I'll cut this off here in a minute, I just found an old box of unhacked cameras because I'm going through things to get rid of so will try to list them for sale either later today or sometime this week,. Everything is hard and difficult and I tire easily so need to cut this off..

I'm Glad to see this place still thriving and some of the old members still here.., Sure miss being able to do things like cam builds but it is what it is, life always has a way of changing paths when we least expect it...


surgery 3 (480x640).jpg

IMG_20180122_105353 (640x480).jpg

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Oh man, so sorry to hear about this. You have been through a lot in the past year and a half. Cancer is a terrible thing that has no boundaries when it comes to age, sex, race or anything else. We lost my mother-in-law last April to lung cancer, she had battled it for over a year going through radiation and chemo treatments. She was diagnosed too late to have much of a chance and by the end the doctors along with my mother-in-law made the decision to stop all treatment because it wasn't doing any good and just making her terribly sick. Within a month after treatment was ended she passed away.

I sure hope you continue to do well and that the cancer stays at bay. God bless.

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I hate to hear it too!

22 hours ago, bulltalk.65 said:

The good news is I'm still alive and just had my 90 day CT and blood work done and everything came back clean so

and that is good......

glad you are better....

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Dang man, didn't know you were going through all of that, but sure glad that you are still with us!  Have you ever looked into fasting?  I saw a show the other day on Netflix or Amazon about fasting and how it can kill cancer cells and also makes them more susceptible to the chemo treatments.  Was really interesting.  Of course after losing all of that weight, fasting is probably the last thing you need right now!  Praying for you man.

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Sorry to read this. Thoughts and prayers.

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