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5 hours ago, Jonnie Wilson said:

Checked eBay and found this $10 jazz camcorder..no sure if its the same as yours?

What is the advantage of the jazz you are using compared to a dxg125?

Good job on your hack tutorial, i found it very easy to follow. 👍




Hi John,

Thank you.

I have never done a dxg 125 and actually haven't read up much on them either. I've only done the dxg567 and the old style jazz dv150. I have about a dozen others but most are in the same 5+ second start up time.

The jazz hdv159 has a quick bootup, you just barely click the power button (you don't have to hold it down like most others) and it goes right to record screen in about 1 second then about 300ms to start recording, it is super fast compared to all others I have tried.

The one you posted the link to is very slow startup. It takes about 3 to 4 seconds to boot, then 2 more seconds to read the card before giving the record screen, then takes another half second or so to start recording.

If you don't have to worry about quick firing then they would probably work.

I found that the Sylvania dv2100 isn't to bad (fairly easy hack too), still slow startup but pretty clear. The flip dv camcorder seems to be around a 3 to 4 second cam and will work ok.

My woods are migratory, so very few deer stick around very long. They're mostly trail walkers until dark so trying to catch a good buck on a video cam that takes 5 seconds or more to start recording is very difficult at best. The majority of  times the videos I get are of nothing there so the animal has triggered the cam but it's already gone and out of the view before the cam starts to record.

This hdv159 will kick that like a bad habit. I'm glad I threw it up on the bench and tried it, it will make a nice day video cam. I plugged it in to my 56" tv using the HDMI and it looks good so it should get some nice day vids.

There is a couple on Amazon but they are a $50 bill. Little high for me on something I may destroy hacking...lol

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Ok, I hacked a couple dv2100's this morning and they had the same black epoxy holding the lens base so figured I'd try to remove it. It came off ez.

So I stripped Down the 2nd jazz to try an figure out the lens on it. I got the lens broke loose and unscrewed it.

No need to remove the lens base as the lens barrel has the IR cut filter on the top.

I razored carefully and removed the little plastic ring, removed it and the cut filter is just laying in the top of the lens, tipped it over and it fell right out. Super ez but be carful breaking the lens loose from the lens base, it you tear the base loose it will more than likely lift the tiny smd resistors around it.

I put it back together and did a day test in my garage and since the lens base isn't changed it focuses super nice.

I slapped some 1 watt luxeons together and will do a night test Tonite.

So far it's looking good for an ez IR hack. I'll strip another one and do some pics of how to do it.

Quick day vid - 


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I found somthing interesting .

The jazz hdv159 is a nice fast video camcorder and can be used for IR or standard.

I found that the Coby hd5002 is the identical camcorder.

You DO NOT  want the Coby 5001 or  the 5002S. Unless of course fireup to record is not an issue.

Also,  you DO NOT want the Jazz hd149 either. It is slow and is the same as the Coby5001 and 5002S.

Sylvania also has the Sylvania 720p which is identical to the coby 5001, 5002S and the Jazzhdv149.

The Good = 

Jazz HDV159 (2 second cam)

CobyHD5002 (2 second cam)

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