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Bad day for slaves

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Bought three Viv 2k's on eBay, all showed up today....lol

all three sellers claimed "good working condition" and one even said "tested"... Wouldn't you know it, none of the 3 work.

One of them had 4 disharged batteries inside that had completely drained out inside and the wires were completely eaten off the contacts and actual juice coming out from the side of the flash and the flash lens...

The 2nd one had so much battery acid inside it is blue and has corrosion on the board..

The 3rd one rattled like it had marbles in it..

Took the 3rd one apart and found the cap had come loose and a screw floating around (obviously been apart before). I clipped the power wires off midway (the battery contacts corroded too) and put power to it direct and it charged up and fired.

The other two I put new wires on to power them, both are garbage...

So far no response from either of the sellers contacted.

I'm telling ya, eBay sellers are getting worse and worse about lying in their listings.

Getting to the point you just can't trust anymore...

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I have had the same issue with a few Vivitar 2800 flashes off of ebay, seller claims to be 100% working and then you get it to find out there is no way it was working with leaking batteries inside. One I got was claimed to be tested and working, the batteries were so corroded I couldn't even open the battery door, had to pry the darn thing off. So far I have always been able to get a refund from the sellers so maybe you will get your money back, if not you can always file a claim to get your refund.

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Yeah, I finally received a reply from the one seller, he said he had tested it and it was working and put it in a box and had forgotten to remove the batteries. Obviously it must have been 6 months ago...lol

Anyway he made good and purchased another one on eBay and is having the seller send it directly to me, waiting for the tracking info, he even did a screen capture with the info. So at least he squared up. 

I haven't heard from the other seller yet, I'll give them till Monday then report it.

Did find another deal, guy had 3 and I asked him to test, he tested and said 2 worked, the other was still in original package and sealed new. Got the 3 for 19 bucks free ship. Got them today, all were brand new. The one in the package still has the original receipt and paperwork, purchased at Walmart at 3pm October 1997 manager Mark Smith.....lol

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I only buy Vivitar 2800 flashes now.  Have had real good luck.  Only had 1 or 2 arriving unworking but the seller had stated that.  I bought those for the circuit boards. 

Over the years I have had to replace a few transistors after much use in the field.

I do agree Ebay seems to be more of a crap shoot nowadays.


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