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New Vid Build Started

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It will consist of the typical, using one of the fast jazz cams hacked for IR, mic and array. I think I'll use the 1050 box to stick it in like one of my old builds.

The board is (will be, it's half done) homemade and uses the picaxe 14m and coded to choose from 2 different video length and 2 different delays.

I'll hydro the case in the tree bark camo.

The array will be either three or four 1 watt luxeon stars using the cold fusion 6v 5 watt driver.

I need to put together a string of 3 and 4 leds and do another night test with the cam to see which will work best since the lens hack was extensive. You can't use the square barrel lens base, it just don't fit so have to remove the lens barrel and notch the bottom to fit right.

Day focus is beautiful but still need to double check the night.




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All day venture to get this board done...

Running into the same issue as always, PIR does not want to cooperate.

But other than that it's running and going through the full code, power up and down, shutter, day/night, array (using led for testing) and preamp with dips for record length and delays.

There is always something off with that glolab PIR circuit, pain in the arse.

Running the picaxe off a 9v with 5v regulator for primary power. Getting 4.7v @ pin 1. The lm324 out gives 3.4v so my PIR SHOULD trip high. Tried high/low both but it still acts up even using a fresnal.

Anyhow, it's working, just need to get the PIR portion figured out to keep it from tripping.



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