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s40 white screen fix if white screen fix fails :)

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Greeting guys. Pretty slow huh? Well I have a s40 which had a white screen at intervals, so I took it apart and did the ribbon cleaning thing so effectively that now it has a permanent white screen. Any solution come to mind? Different screen? (of course the parts bin as no s40 screens, so I guess it is a Ebay thing.) Just that one cable ribbon, right? First one I have had that just went completely out and would not respond to case pressure, cleaning etc.

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Hey befus,

Let me look before you go searching eBay. I have a box of parts cams and believe I may happen to have a screen.

I'll get back with ya in a while... If I do I'll just send it to you, no cost

Update - sorry bud, that's the only piece missing from my S40 parts cam.......ūüėČ

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On 10/8/2018 at 3:54 PM, johnnydeerhunter said:

Did you cut the plastic nubs on the case?

Yes, don't know how short I got them, but I snipped them.

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