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Improvising when you have to

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Well, I wasn't in a big hurry but also don't have time to wait for mail as I'll be leaving this coming week for thanksgiving.

So, I found I was completely out of Gary's hpwa's (thought I had some white ones still but noooope...)  So, I wanted to get this cam build buttoned up so I can get some L/N applied then get the hydro dipping done on it before I take off so I had to improvise.  After searching around my junk and my messy bench I was able to come up with the right size stuff to build one.

Below is a quick vid I just did that just shows the "almost finished" one I built this morning. I have had a package of 50 fresnals I bought from china around 12 years ago so I had the right focal length wide angle lenses already, but have never even used any of them til today...lol

Anyway, it took a bit of cutting, drilling and grinding and fitup but it looks like its gonna work ... I guarantee you, its cheaper and much easier to just buy them from Gary... 😍

By the way, If you guys watch the vid, don't forget to sub and like the vid..... 😉 


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Sweet-good luck with your build.

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