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Wife was cleaning out her closet and pulled a camera out so I was checking it out.

It looks like a good cam for use.

Its a samsung BL103, uses 2 AA's and standard sd card. It fires up fast and snaps a pic quick with good flash. The flash is a good distance from the lens too.  I havent messed with the settings but it fits the bill.

Its bout the size of a sony w series (little thicker, 1/8" or so) and has extending lens.

Its 10.3mp. the pics and video look good.

Ill have to find one and hack it, power and shutter button right on top in usual spot so it should be a simple hack.

I looked in here and didnt see it listed but it may be on one of the other sites.

Just wanted to pass that on.

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6 hours ago, buckhuntertrailcam said:

I haven't heard of it, but l am a BIG Samsung fan. You will have to keep us posted on this one.

I hadnt seen them before either. still havent had a chance to pick one up but here is a pic of one, front and back.

Edit: picked one up tonight on ebay, will see when it gets here how good it works. Wifey wouldnt let me have hers..;)

samsung bl103.jpg

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