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Huge Liquidation - Selling Everything

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I am selling all of my homebrew builds and supplies.

below is a link where you should be able to access all of the pictures. Please let me know if you have trouble accessing this information.

I would prefer to sell all of this stuff as one large lot. However may consider breaking up into a couple smaller lots.




Pricing Below is based on one large lot:

buyer will also pay shipping costs.


All Builds = $300 (that’s $25 per build.)

Memory Cards and Batteries = $15

Exchangers, drivers, buck puck, leds, = $30

Working Cameras = $140 ($10 each)

Parts Cams = FREE

Control Board / Misc Parts = FREE

Vivitar 2800 = $10

Battery holders = $20

Cases / seals = $40

Foam = $10

Total = $600




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Somebody's going to get a good deal.

Are you switching to commercial cameras or quitting camera trapping altogether? After 25 0r 26 builds and another 10 or 12 hacks, I think I've done my last build; I've really enjoyed homebrews and will be using them for years but the quality of my commercial cameras' (I've now got ten) photos and videos and their smaller size makes me think any new cameras will probably be Browning, Bushnell or Coverts.

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I just don’t have the time any more for home brew. with two kids and two jobs I stay busy. Been using commercial cell cams much more now and mainly use those. Therefore letting go of all my stuff. 

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Also I wanted to mention.

for those of you that are not familiar with the Canon cameras in the pics. I highly recommend these cameras. 


These are my favorite and only real down side is they are a little larger than most cams.

but they take SD cards and take great pics.

i have all the hack info for these cameras.


also most of my cams have an external power plug to use with a 6v SLA battery.

this will make your cams last a long time and paired with the right solar panel indefinitely. 

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