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Spooky - interesting friday night

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This is a long read so buckle up...

Went up Thursday to spend the last 4 days of bow season.

After getting to my spot, set up camp and chilled till around 3 and headed out to sit on my stump near where I camp.

I noticed when leavin my camp, deer had been crossing the road about 60 yds up the dead end I camp on so when I left my stump I grabbed the cam I had there and brought it back with me, thinkin Id just hang it in the woods just off the road where those deer tracks were crossing by my camp.

Its friday now and headed out for morning hunt, I just walk to a few different stumps now to hunt since mobility isnt as good as it use to be.

Long day and saw no deer, only a bobcat that walked within 15 ft of me cruisin the trail.

So, its 7:10 and its getting dark so I headed back to camp.

I made a quick dinner, ate and was just kickin back reading in my netting canopy. I was gettin sleepy so thought, hec with it, gonna lock up for the night, get in my tent and fall asleep readin. 


Its dark and almost 8:30 So, I walk around to the door of my truck to lock it and just flashed my flash light up the road, like I always do. Well, my light caught eyes flashing back at me.

I thought, cool a deer.

Noooope, a big bear, sitting in the road, 30 yards from the front of my truck.

Wow, really cool. Except normally when a bear sees a person around here they run like the wind in the opposite direction. This one DID NOT.

I had my flashlight right on him, flipped my head lights on, honked the horn and told it to get outta here.

It stayed, swung its head back n forth a few times then turned and walked back out the road and into the dark.

Normally, I am not bothered but he acted really strange.

I went back to my canopy and put a couple things away and heard a noise. I flipped my light on and up the road and there he was again, sittin right back in the same spot.

This happened 7 times from around  8:30 pm to 2:47 am.

It made for a very long night.

Now so you know, Im camped at the edge of a large pond, camped on an old road next to it which is the end of the road before it turns in to a natural darn.

Well, I decided at 3:00 am since he hadn't been back for a bit, Im just gonna get in my tent, I'm beat tired and fairly stressed from the ordeal.

To make a long story short, the back of my tent is approx 10 feet from pond edge, down a steep 8ft embankment.

I dozed off only to be awoken by the sound of what seemed like a volkswagon bug bein dropped in the pond right next to me.

It scared me up and awake and I grabbed for my flashlight in the dark tent, fumbling for a moment to get my bearings and see what the hec was goin on.

As Im sittin up in my sleepin bag, Im hearing this splashing, swimming noise and whoofing sound. 

This freak bear came back, dove in to the pond and swam across it, splitting the lily padys and leaving a path in the pond, an easy 75 yd swim, whoofin and splashin all the way across. 

This has to be the weirdest thing I have had happen to me and now this freak bear is behind my camp with ez trail access right to my tent. I could hear him loudly crashin thru brush and breakin branches in the woods directly behind my tent. Very nerve racking to say the least.

Now mind you, its still dark and though I couldn't get out of my tent, dressed fast enough to see this, it was clear after waiting till day light to see where he walked right up to my truck, then turned and walked to the pond edge and just dove in. You could see on the opposite side where he had climbed out and over some old logs and left a trail of wet. 

After it was light out and all calm now, I decided to go ahead and hunt for the morning at my stump.

Well, I came back to camp around noonish and when I was walkin into my camp could see clearly, that bear had walked all over my little dead end road, back n forth so many times, it looked like his foot prints were part of the road.

I just realized I had that cam off in the woods about 20 yds from where he was standin and goin back n forth so I thought, what are the odds, maybe he walked by that cam.

So, I pulled the card, walked into camp and sure enough, he walked right in front of it so I got a short vid of him.

He was a good size bear from my view on my phone.


I got home late sunday night and really wanted to look at the big boar on my pc's bigger screen so after tellin wifey about the ordeal,  went and downloaded it and watched it.

Ive watched it numerous times now and to my shock, noticed this was NOT a boar, but a big sow.

You can see in the first few seconds of the vid, she is milking or still feedin cubs by her swollen, hangin teets.

But, why no cubs with her? Where were they? Why would she still be feedin cubs this late in the year?

Well, this video helped me to understand the bears odd behavior from all night friday night better.


Whatcha think, was she on a mission to get by my camp to get to her cubs?

They should be around 7 to 8 mo old at this time of year so why were they not with her?

I've seen hundreds of bears in these mountains, many with cubs. Momma is never more than 30 to 50 yds from them ever from my experience and Ive never seen one still milkin this late in the year or without them close by.

At one point friday night this bear circled thru the woods and came around to the driver side of my truck (10:55pm and yep, I was sittin in the driver seat because of this bear...😊) hence how I caught her on the video because she cut thru the woods in front of my truck and circled around to my left.

Any of you guys experience anything like this or explain the milking cubs this late and not have them with her?

Here is the short vid.


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