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wonder if the fires in California is causing problems for him...

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Hey guys,

No, the fires were just around the corner so am safe from all that.  Unfortunately I have been really sick since 1st of december and havent done much but be sick..

I guess I should have checked in but until this week I hadnt even been on my pc since december.  Had to go in for PET scan a few days ago and have been in and out of the hospital the last couple months and doctors are scratchin their collective heads... 

One thing I can say is I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired..

I actually felt a bit better today and logged in to my pc and saw a message from here so thought I needed to get in here and update you guys.. sometimes I forget about everything and just get focused in on the health issues, have been pretty nervous about whats goin on physically so that has been our primary focus. I apologize for that..


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glad to hear from you.  I know you are getting sick and tired of being sick.  I bet 2020 will be really really better...

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