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Decided to pull some cameras out

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I have not run any homebrews for the last 3 years. I have 5 ready for the weekend. And 4 more I need batteries for. And found several builds i was playing with when I stopped  

One partial build made me smile  was a p32 with a big flash cap paired with a Bigfoot board. I had both the board and the camera running off of one single 18650 battery. And I  had a  charge controller for the 18650 and a wire ran out to feed it with a solar panel  this was all in a 1040 and that in an ac disconnect box. I remember I was having an issue if it was really dark and the camera flashed it would drain the cap totally and cause enough voltage drop to shut the camera off or something. Though it seemed to be working well tonight.

let’s hope they run ok for a while..



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