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I haven’t built a camera in a few years when I did I always use big foot boards.

I see 2 options Snapshot sniper Bigfoot and R.C. Davis Game Solutions boards. 
 Since otter box no longer makes the 3000 I’m using a otter box 1040. I want to use 2 C externals with the limited space of the 1040 is the game solutions board that much smaller when you take into account I also need room  for the boards power supply?

Also can I jump out the power switch or is there a reason I don’t see that I would need to keep it? 

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The Pelican 1040 case is plenty big enough for a Gamewatcher board, the camera, the switch and the 3 AA batteries to run the board. There's room in the lid for 2 banks of AA's for externals. You need a switch to turn the board on and off. Some put the switch in the case others have the switch sticking out the bottom of the case so they can switch the board on AFTER closing the case. 

Further you can use the Safari board (R.C. Davis) if you wish to add accessories like a slave flash etc.

Also if you want a versatile board with lots of programme choices like multiple images etc then choose the LCD board from Snapshot Sniper............... etc. etc....

Hope this helps.

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