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What control board is this?Wildlife See-er Corp and any links to best settings and also how to trouble shoot it?

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the green LED comes on the board for a second if the batteries have been  removed.  Maybe it blinks again.. but IT doesn't seem to trigger my camera.  the S600 hack looks good inside but I dont even know what hack I did.. it has 2 wires to the shutter button and 1 to the power button cant recall where the 4th wire went. I should have taken a pic when I was inside.  Camera seems to work fine.

My switch is more of a reset or something as there is power on the PIR board whenever the batteries are installed . I  think it used to sue the 3.0 v batteries but now trying to use the 3.6v ones. 

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Four wires going into an s600 I would assume is a fast hack, to keep the lens partially extended for the faster shutter times. 

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2 minutes ago, speed2spare said:

Four wires going into an s600 I would assume is a fast hack, to keep the lens partially extended for the faster shutter times. 

I don't think the XLP supported the fasthack. It might just be tying the lens to common so it functions as a normal hack.

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yes those XLP instructions look familiar.   I am not sure how to proceed in troubleshooting that board..

ITs been so long since I messed with these cams. 

I even forget what my on off switch does as there seems to be power on the board if the batteries are in.  I have two batteries and they seem to go to different pins 3&4

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Well I now recall how confusing those XLP instructions were. and are. I may have just had some dip switches settings in video mode but the camera in picture mode. plus maybe some borderline batteries. 

Now I think I need to revisit the best S600 camera settings .. This S600 has the IR lens hack. 

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I did read what dip 11 & 12 are.  the memory is coming back... I thought the batteries out would do the same... it seems to be triggering now but flash even in bright room so now I need to set the S600 for best settings.    My  cam is set up on a trail so I want quick shots.. they may feed on a nearby mountain mahogany. 

I now have dip 1 & 2 off for the shortest delay. 5 second

3 is up and 4 down for the S600 in fast mode.

5 is up for non9 stealth mode ?

6,7,8 &9 down

10 up rapid fire

11 down because I have a switch and 12 must be up for on.


Search feature seems to have some issues.

Where do I find the best S600 settings?



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These are the settings that I use with my s600 cameras - I make no claims of authenticity as I picked them up from various places over the years.... if anyone has different experiences with different settings, please feel free to share....

• 0EV FOR IR Choose +1.0EV

Setup Camera 1:
• AF Mode: Single
• Digital Zoom: Off
• Date/Time: Day/Time
• Red Eye Reduction: Off
• AF Illuminator: Off
• Auto Review: Off

Camera 2:
• Enlarged Icon: Off

Setup 1:
• Beep: Off
• Language: English
• Initialize: OK

Be sure the flash is ON (look for the lightning bolt+ on the LCD screen)
Be sure that you turn your LCD screen off – ESPECIALLY if you have prepared the camera with a 4-wire speed hack – if the LCD is left ON the cam won’t take pics

Hope this helps

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