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I need to know if there is dc low voltage limit switch. I want to use an external cell phone battery pack as external power to charge an 18650 in a build. The problem I am having, once the external battery gets the 18650 up to 4.2 volts, it shuts off. Which is great. Only it does not come back on and the 18650 drains and shuts off at 3.4v and the camera is dead. I am playing with a 20k mah external, so i should be able to charge the 18650 at least 6 times.

so i need some simple that will open at like 4.1v and then close again at like 3.6v as I believe that will wake the charger back up. I don’t care that this voltage doesn’t top the 18650 off as it can charge to 90% or whatever as often as it wants to. 

Any suggestions? 


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