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  1. It is a 12v camera, Tinhorn, I think you are right. I tested the setup with solar panel hooked up in full sun. It put out 21 volts. when I hooked it to battery, the wire to the cam read 12v to 12.8 volts. I did away with the regulator. It tested again to day as outputting 10.5-11v. These cams seem to be pretty sensitive to low voltage. we will see how it goes.
  2. just made a diy solar setup for my 12v7a battery boxes for my commercial cams. I used instructions on youtube by the handy hunter. 1.5w harbor freight solar panel to a diode to battery. fully charged brand new Battery to 12v1.5a regulator from there to cam. Meter shows 12v to regulator, 10-11v coming out of regulator (with or without solar plugged in)..... spy point link micro app showed power @64%, cam would power on but not transmit. I disconnected solar and the regulator , ran cam wire to battery app showed 100% and sent pics like normal. Moultrie cams with mv2 modems show 64-74%, one
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