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  1. Pics

    1 walleye

    2 musky

    3 musky

    4 musky

    5 black crappie

    6 eye

    7 carp

    8 redear gill

    9 rainbow trout

    10 musky

    11 lm bass

    12 cat fish

    13 yellow perch

    14 same


    Chris, those musky have some nasty teeth. Bat I was going through some pictures and thought I have not talk with old bat in a long time Ill go post some pictures for him. How the heck have you been? How the heck have all the old timesr been on here, 212, hn ghoot, ect ect.?

  2. Quite a collection you caught there Commando.. nice boat also.



    Camoflage Catfish :o

    Can't remember the name of the next one.. we sometimes get fingling of that species in Minnows when we buy them around here.... I know nothing will bite them because of those spines stickers on their back..

    Chain Pr... aw what the heck... pike

    Sun Fish Bream

    Looks like a Brown or maybe a Rainbow Trout... I'm guessing Brown

    Giant Muskie


    How did I do?


    Real good Bat.The one is a walleye


  3. wow you two need to invest in some kind of glove to do that.... that fishes toothies are sharp. glad to hear from you commando, started think you had kicked the bucket or something... :P:unsure::lol:


    I have just been fishing every weekend and starting to goose hunt a bit.Also been getting a lot of stuff done and ready for hardwater fishing.I am so ready for hardwater it aint funny


  4. Went bass fishing with a friend today and things where a little slow.So we decided to do a little ski trolling.Friend hooked up on a 40 incher and it torn both our hands up.We had no net and I hand landed it that how I got tore up.Then he held it for a pic and he got tore up.The things you do for a fellow fisherman





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