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  1. I talked to Bow tie couple,weeks back. Said is doing good and started a lawn business and doesmt have time for cameras or forums anymore. He doesn't get on them at all now. Doesn't do anymore camera building. Sad but the homebrew community has faded away. Seem there was a division amongst us started with Ohio bow hunter left. Then it was the buck shot deal seems like there was to many people turning it into a business and went there separate ways. Really sad use to be a lot of fun now you rarely see anything or anyone ......

  2. It deff has died off from what it once was. People have been educated about homebrews tried them or bought them and most aren't for them. Commercial cameras have gotten way better. There also was a lot of tension on here with some people. Some folks sold out and got out of them others have moved on with there life's and are busy and don't have time to fool with online post. I look daily but rarely post. I haven't built many cams only 2 in the last year. Even myself haven't had time to work on things of my own and others and had to seek help from a couple nice folks.. Between life marriage kids the world getting busier people just have so much that draws there attention it's hard to get them to slow down for a forum.. In my opinion the homebrews and forums seems to be for older folks not younger. Miss the ole days you use to post something for sale and it was like a bunch of paranahs to has to be really quick or it was gone ! Now you post sumpn you bought have to give it away or it sits there forever...

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