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Lighted nocks

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Once everything is working, pull the battery out and put some hot glue into the nock and reinsert the battery while the glue is still hot. Last thing to do is add some heat shrink tubing around the battery. No heat shrink tubing can be on the nock, it wont fit into the arrow shaft. After the hot glue has dried I add some super glue at the base of the nock where the battery meets the nock. This will add extra holding power so the battery dosent come loose on impact.


Thats it!!!


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and on the arrow.

These will come on when you release the arrow. Just twist the nock out a little to turn it off.


Good luck!


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Pretty cool. How much weight does it add to the nock though? Just curious how bad it will effect the foc of the shaft.

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That's pretty cool Vman! Thanks!


Exactly which nock are you showing in your pics. Looking at the way you did it, doesn't look like it would work with a Uni-bushing would it??




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It adds about 20 grains.



No thouse sissy arrows wont work! :D



You gotta be kidding!

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Will these only work with aluminum arrows? Is the aluminum arrow shaft what is completing the circuit for the LED? Maybe I am just not seeing something. Thanks.

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One other thing.... we don't have Sunday hunting either :angry:

I thought Ohio was one of the last states to allow Sunday hunting.


We're not allowed any electronics in deer hunting either but I always thought it pertained to radio communications. Hmmmmmm.

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